Who are you dealing with… – About the 4 of us

The most important crew-members

First things first: Randy Mousekevitz and Summer Rollingcookie (she was a bit chubby when she got the second name) – the two cats.  Recently they insist on beeing called by their new names Harrr-Harrr-Randy and Summer Rrrrrrollingarround. I guess to much pirate films in the last weeks could be a reason for that. We should send them to bed earlier…


Both where born 2011, Randy in Great Britain, Summer in Austria. They are Singapuras, both of them are used to travel around and feel home within a few minutes in new places, if we are around. As long as those two terror-crumbs are able to walk on our bellies (preferably when we need to go to the toilet) and are allowed to keep us awake at night playing under-the-sheets-on-the-sheets games they are happy. Before we had Tiki both of them where indoor only. Now, with the option to lie in the sun with a gentle brise around the white whiskers we are asked regularly for small towel so they can occupy the best spots on deck for themselves. Little bastards…



Enough about them, what about us?

We are Eric (born 1980), and me Astrid (born 1979-oldest inventory on Tiki) 😉 We met first at work. Eric is master of mechanical engineering and I am master of carpentry- I am also in charge for this homepage. My first education is pharmacists assistant. Both of us worked in the adult education, but turned our backs to that profession in the meantime (2016) to sort everything out and get prepared for our adventurous future.

We got closer in October 2012. Since then we made promising decisions every year. 2013 we bought a house, 2014 we married, 2015 we decided to start a completely new life and we will leave Austria for living our life to the fullest, 2016 we quitted our jobs and started to look for buyers for our-now nearly perfectly renovated house. We sold the camper, the motorbikes, Erics car, parts of the furniture – and most important – we bought Tiki. We want to start sailing away in 2017.


Ueber uns - about us

Teile doch bitte mit Deinen Freunden
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