Tadaa, there is another interim report after a 14 days stay on Tiki

If general posts are not interesting, this one can be ignored here losslessly – except that there are no complaints afterwards;)

Well, it started with the fact that for one week we “quickly went over”, did a few small things and then with newly gained knowledge (and some needed dimensions) back again…. Said, done, tried, failed 😀

Well, 14 days then. Nice. Why? Well, there was this one holiday (Nov. 1, All Saints’ Day) and the days before that there was a lot going on in the marina – we combined razor-sharp: return traffic. So we had to stay on Tiki, forced by unforeseeable adverse events. And of course we didn’t want to take the cats on the back seat any longer than absolutely necessary. Tiki is absolutely top notch for both of them, but driving a car, so no, really… Is this really necessary?

All right, so we stayed away from the holiday driving and then realized that we now need a new vignette for Slovenia anyway, so we can add a few more days.

Enough of that. Why clumsy? So, right on the second day I hit a ledge with my foot on board, I have a rectangular piece of the big toe, about a quarter of the nail blown out- ouch, well, it I am humping-but, very bravely not cursing (because there was hardly any air in my lungs of noisy ouch) Luckily the distances on Tiki are quite manageable.

On the very next few days, Eric started to dismantle our Taylor stove into its parts, clean it as best he could and then assemble it again. Start the good piece and test if it does as it should do now!

The part has a small tank located in the “bathroom”, thin copper pipes bring the fuel to the “living room”, the saloon 😉 and from there it drips into the combustion chamber. So the plan has worked, but we can’t get the number of drops needed per minute. When, as an old pro when it comes to heating things up, I showed Eric where to turn the knob a short hissing, a short pain, a chic, circular burn. Like a cigar. Professional burn status has just been reached. Good, hand (joint) also damaged. Left foot, right hand and limping and badly straining then still another jammed nerve at the lumbar spine (several times breathing stopped) New resting posture sought, shoulder tense. Astrid broken down, Eric will soon be looking for a fitter, younger model (hopefully he will argue when he reads this)*.

Once I went for a massage in the neighborhood, it helped really well, I will surely do it again at the next visit!

Soon I’ll tell you how it went on, with a burglary (incl. police), and a cancellation…


Addendum: He denied it bravely, a rogue who made an undertone…….


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