Tiki on the hard again

Well, it’s time. Let’s get the cat out of the bag. Don’t worry, nobody got hurt. The cat crew, both of us and Tiki are fine and, at least some of us, are suntanned.

I’ll make it short. We’ re going back.

What? Back? Back to? Why?

For many reasons, family, friends, sometimes we are simply annoyed by wind and waves… Anyway, we pack our things one more time and go back to Austria.

The “I told you so” people are assured that money is not the issue and we will come back to Greece again. We decided, already a few weeks, actually months ago, that we need a break from the boat before we lose the fun. Then something came up, 2020, you know the topic. Luckily we haven’t been in Austria when everything and everyone went crazy, instead we were able to observe everything very relaxed and safe from Greece.

We are looking forward to Austria, to our friends, (not to the weather, but there is always something wrong). We are looking forward to the luxury of getting warm water straight from the wall, electricity from the socket, both seemingly without limit. 3-ply toilet paper that one flushes down the toilet, washing machine, kettle, toaster, rooms that are higher than 2 meters, shelves that don’t clear themselves when a breeze comes.

Please don’t get it wrong, we found and still find all that charming and it never bothered us, that’s why I deliberately call the upgrades a luxury.


Would we do it again?

Immediately! And, honestly, we wouldn’t do anything differently. We would take even fewer things with us, that’s for sure 😀

Let’s see how far we can reduce it down next time and thus gain more space and freedom.

Safe and sound

What happens to Tiki?

Tiki will be on the hard. There she rests safely, hardly anything can happen. As we don’t know how long we will need to return, we will offer her for sale, a boat belongs in the water, that’s what it was built for!

If a buyer is found, with whom we come to an agreement, then that’s how it should be and she will be in good hands. If there is no interest, then she waits for us and our return to Greece to explore the Aegean Sea and maybe more together.

Teile doch bitte mit Deinen Freunden
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