First Week

How we spent the last days

Thats what friends are for

First of all, we needed lift to Tiki. Earlier we where thinking a lot about that problem. Going by train and bus would have been quite exhausting for us. 11 hours and changing the connection frequently. Together with the cats, an absolute no-go. Walking distance would be 3 days 22 hours, so not an option as well. 🙂 Luckily some new friends (hugs to Tanja & Christian) spontaniously decided to spend a weekend in Porec visiting us. As we were not there, they just brought us. Problem solved. Nearly… This lovely couple owns a dog (two, in the meantime) together with the cats in the car… maybe not the best idea.

Destiny on our side, Christians brother was in need of a new (used) car. Mine was just perfect and so we started the trip. 6 People, 2 cats, 1 dog, 2 cars. He took the keys for mine, now his car on the parking lot in the marina.

Xandl, Sabine, Eric, Christian, Tanja, Astrid


A wonderfull weekend, good food and a lot of fun, just in the end some tears could be spottet running down the cheeks.

We arrived. Finally. Limited mobility. Just our legs, the folding bikes, Tiki and busses. The friends far away, Porec in the beginning of hibernation. Strange feeling. No way to meet spontaneously with friends for dinner, after 20 years no car, manage far away distances by bike or bus. Okay, thats the way we wanted, so thats what we got, no way to complain about taht. Or, maybe, just a little tiny bit?



To-Do-List, a small extract…

To be honest, I am still half-dead from all the thing happened in the last weeks. Eric is full of energy and working on the boat all the time. Of course I offer a helping hand if needed, when there is nothing important for me to do, I try to sort my mind. The past few weeks where exhausting for me as there was a lot of work to do. Work like selling the house and get rid of most of the stuff, moving to Tiki, thousands of phone calls, never ending bureaucracy, lots of investigations, orders, troubles with delivery, lack of time and many other things. Eric is not so effective with those things, thats why I was mostly on my own with that. Thats the main reason why I need a break and feel whacked. But of course, we keep going.



On our last visit

We dismounted the traveller for the main sail and stored a new one on Tiki, a new windlass has to be mounted, our old elglish sink, with two faucets will be changed to a new one, with just one tap. Furthermore we have to get rid of parts of our old sheets and replace it. Our new mattresses will be tested, Internet is working now inside the hull as well (Thanks to Michi, who spent half a night with me on the phone while beeing busy moving to our former house)


A week went by

So test-sleeping the new mattresses wasnt that difficult, they are not as hard as the old ones and improved our sleeping time a lot. Win on that part!

The holes in the deck, where the old traveller was mounted are closed from the outside and painted on the inside already. The windlass is mounted, but not connected yet. We decided to get an electrical windlass, for the moment we can operate it only manual. We have to hop on our bikes and get some cable from the store.

After a long brain torture we found a -hopefully- good way to fix the sheets while handling the sails. We where not so happy with the old cleats and their positioning.

The new sink is installed and working and a plus of comfort and less water wasting than the old one. Of course, on a boat this is much more work than mounting it on a brickwall with dowels.

One day we spent in Rovinj (traveling by bus) as I had an appointment at OrcaSun Tattoo 😉 (Flash Player needed to see the page, alternative: OrcaSun on Facebook)

Details on all of that will follow with the next posts, I just wanted to give some signs of live and a rough overview about what happens here.





Teile doch bitte mit Deinen Freunden
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