The weeks went by

…like when you are sleeping – so fast, not as much relaxing. As you may have noticed already, nothing happend here. I would like to appologize for that. It wasn’t my intention to leave you standing outside in the rain, it was just impossible to find the time for writing.


What happend recently

To make it short: Everything!

in the past weeks everything changed. New doors opened up, while others are closing silently. Don’t worry, we are fine! 🙂

A young, lovely couple found our house and now it is sold. The best buyers, we can imagine! In Austria, as in many other countries you need a lawyer and a notary for that. The new owners, J&M, knew a lawyer who was phantastic. He did his best for all of us and found the perfect solution, considering our special situation. The process went fast and without problems. We really appreciate that.



So, what next?

Guess what? Lets go shopping! Watermaker (Desalination-device), 100m (about 330ft) new anchorchain, new anchor, new windlass, new mattress, new rigging, traveller (needed for the mainsail), new radio feat AIS, … and many other things. All of that stuff had to be paid and organised. It came from Trinidad, Germany, Austria (Lustenau, Graz, Wr. Neustadt) and from Pula in Croatia (they ordered in Italy, as far as I know)
Lots of organisation and driving, less sleep and some goodbye to dearest friends.


Sticks & Stones

Pah, Peanuts… My beloved car is sold to a friend, we will clear & clean the house as good as we can (sorry to Janine & Michael, maybe there will be one or another leftover, please dont be cross 🙂 )

In less than 2 weeks dear friends will bring us to Porec, to Tiki. unfortunately we met only a short while ago, but I know, you will come and visit us (if you refuse, we know where you live!)


to Christian & Tanja, Christian, Christian & Claudia, Xandl, Janine & Michael everyone of you folks helped us a lot, just beeing not complicated and understanding. Oh, by the way, we are not accepting anymore “Christians” as friends, unless you have a unique nickname!

Teile doch bitte mit Deinen Freunden
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