Departure from Rogoznica

On December 16th, Saturday morning, we untied the lines from the pier in Rogoznica and left. The sea is peaceful today despite higher waves, the sky is cloudy and there is hardly any wind and we are making good progress.

For the second time we are on our way to Vis. It’ll work out this time. The passage is pleasantly unspectacular and time passes quickly. Shortly before we get into the bay the wind is picking up again and I’m happy to have the safety line. When I catch up with our jib, Tiki shakes a few more times, at the bow I notice it especially strong and hang in the air for a short moment.
Everything is going fine and I am looking for a good place to moor using the binoculars. At this time of the year there are no other sailboats here except us, but furthermore there are no mooring lines to secure Tiki to the outside.
Over there! I can spot some, so let’s go. Immediately after the ridiculously tiny customs dock we can moor and shortly after that we start to explore Vis. It’ll be a short shore leave. On Saturday afternoon the shops are closed and since we are out of season it is difficult to find an open restaurant. Right before we get used to the idea of a cold meal, we find a small pizzeria, not very cosy, not really warm, but the pizza is excellent.



17 December, Sunday. In the morning we can go to the local supermarket to get some small things and walk from Vis through Kut to the Czech Villa. On the way back we want to have a look at the Austrian fortress Batarija, but still – wrong season, unfortunately we can only go round the building, but cannot enter.
In order to prevent going back empty-handed, we pluck two oranges and a lemon in the ditch that runs around the fortress.









Later that evening there are strange noises on deck, sounds like a toddling cat, but ours cuddle down here with us. We check it out and spot a stowaway. After an emergency rations treat, our guest is being carried ashore again, our furballs are looking a bit sceptical, but I prevent them from seeing our visitor. Randy sniffs the next day the whole deck carefully.

18 December – Monday

Vela Luka-Korcula

Once again, the lines are untied, heading for Korcula. In Vis the customs duty is only seasonal, in Korcula all year round. Before we cross the Adriatic, we have to make customs clearance, so the next destination is Vela Luka. According to our harbour manual it is possible there all year round.
The ride is again pleasantly unspectacular and we can also set our genoa in some times and use the wind. Arrived in Vela Luka we are lucky and catch the last free mooring. The water here is, well, not so clean – to put it mildly. However, we didn’t want to swim anyway. Just arrange the customs procedures and refuel.




What happened to us in Vela Luka and how things continue you will find out in the next post:)



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