After 6 nights / 7 days on Tiki we did some initial work. Much sorted, sealed, varnished, sanded, oiled, the equipment bought with it has been sighted and divided into 3 categories. (1-stays on Tiki, 2 is replaced by existing, own equipment and 3-goes off board)

The work was easy to handle, we slept sensationally well, Eric tested the pantry extensively and successfully – primarily, of course, the stove. I have sorted and stowed, rearranged and put away. I even managed to clean out my cold.


Now there’s more stuff than originally loaded and more space. Of course I have to defend the pre-owners, Martin+Mina, whose needs were completely different from ours. We want to travel with the girl to the South Pacific, the owners before us were mainly in the Adriatic Sea and therefore never as long as we plan to travel.

Our two lightweight sailors and pirate apprentices “Harrrr-Harrrrrrr-Randy” and “Summer Rrrrrrollingarrrround” enjoyed life at sea, well, in the marina, and soon found out that there are great sunny spots on deck.


Teile doch bitte mit Deinen Freunden
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