The search for a safe harborage has come to an end

The long-awaited call of “we may have a place” Marina came. The headline tells the wise reader (and we certainly don’t have other readers 🙂 ) that we got the place. Seeking a sheltered marina is finally done.

A whole mine fell from our hearts, the load on our shoulders, almost wiped away. Almost? Well, the new berth costs 50% more than the original one, but it looks much cleaner and more organized, offers the possibility to wash laundry and you can talk to the employees without interpreting and guessing, a huge advantage. The surcharge is very tweakable, but it is better than no space at all.

At the moment we are still dependent on electricity=Place in a Marina. Tiki (and we) will be now for a few months in Porec in the Marina. Tiki of course more than us, we still have our house in beautiful Pitten, the best place in Austria!

Teile doch bitte mit Deinen Freunden
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